At Next Step Wealth Management, we believe you are the most important piece to a financial plan.  Our job is to understand what is important to you and to help you develop a plan to make your desired future a reality.  Each person is individual and so should be your steps to financial success.  We feel that you need to be an informed consumer when making financial decisions – both big and small – so focusing on education and decision making is key.

We feel that your financial world is like a jigsaw puzzle………until we put all the current pieces together, we can’t figure out what pieces are missing.  We want to help you see the full picture!

How do we do it?

Understanding where you are today and where you want to go is key to creating a roadmap to financial success for you and your family.  We start with understanding how you look at your money in respect to the market and changes in value of your investments.  Don’t worry if you haven’t already started investing, we can simulate hypothetical dollars and get an idea of what type of fluctuation allows you to still sleep at night.  This is done by you completing a 3 minute, online, risk questionnaire which will give us your risk number.  We then can put together an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which will compare what you are currently doing to any proposed changes you might be considering.  All related to your risk number.

Because we believe that everyone is an individual, we also believe that each family’s investment plan needs to be individual.  Any investment plan that is developed for you is individualized.  We don’t do cookie cutter solutions!


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