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Estate Planning Services

Regardless of the size of your estate, it’s important to have a sound estate plan in place to help ensure that your assets pass to whom you want and in the manner you’ve chosen. A complete estate plan will also include medical and financial powers of attorney, and a living will to document your end-of-life preferences.

In partnership with an Estate Planning group, we offer a streamlined process that is reasonably priced. Our menu of services include:

  • Full Estate Plan Package
    We will walk you through the entire process of creating your trust, including financial and medical powers of attorney, living will, and designation of guardianship for any minor children, along with assistance of moving assets into your trust.

  • Restatement of an existing trust
    If the goals of forming the trust have changed, or if main provisions of the trust agreement need to be modified (beneficiaries or the way in which the assets are to be distributed for example), restatement of your trust may be required.

  • Amendment to an existing estate plan
    Available for estate plans already in our system. If the existing plan was created by another firm, restatement of the plan will be needed.

  • Estate Plan Review
    Existing trust will be reviewed for compliance with current laws and needed amendments made or restatement will be recommended.

  • Powers of Attorney Package
    Includes financial and medical powers of attorney.

  • Transfer of property deed into existing trust

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