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Subscription Program

We believe that everyone, regardless of age or assets, should have access to professional financial advice. Whether you are just getting started, or simply prefer to directly manage your own assets, our subscription program might be just what you need. For an initial fee + a small monthly subscription fee over the next 11 months, you receive an initial meeting to assess your current situation, as well as future goals and needs. A roadmap will be developed to give guidance as you work toward your financial targets. You will also receive virtual meeting credits to be used as you see fit over the year. You can use the credits to discuss your investment progress and any changes to your financial plan that might be needed.

Optional add-on services are also available to round out your financial needs:

  • Estate Planning

  • 401k Quarterly Rebalancing

  • Budgeting 

  • Additional in-person meetings if needed

*Subscription programs are a one-year commitment.

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